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GO Sleeves Partners with Chad Miller Hitting Science Center

GO Sleeves Partners with Chad Miller Hitting Science Center

Darren Lancaster Darren Lancaster
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Bringing the First and Only Kinesiology Sleeves to Baseball and Softball Part 1 

I met Chad Miller in Phoenix during the Super Bowl and discovered we share a similar passion: helping athletes perform at their peak. Chad has created a proprietary diagnostic and analytic Swing Lab, the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center, for baseball and fastpitch softball players. But don’t let its name fool you: the technology applies to nearly any sport or athlete.

Every year, the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center trains and assesses over 80,000 baseball and softball athletes that are at least ten years old, at all levels. The Center also assesses more than 60 Major League Baseball players.

At the center, exercise scientists utilize state-of-the-art technology to analyze a wide range of data points from a player's swing and reaction time and then design custom training programs to help them become better hitters. Chad’s pursuit is to uncover and discover which training and recovery technologies (or processes) help athletes deal with the daily rigors of their sport, including the inevitable inflammation, tightness, and fatigue they experience as a result of their activity.

Go Sleeves and Georgetown Baseball

Enter GO Sleeves. Once I explained what we were up to—and what our product does by harnessing the science of kinesiology— his interest was piqued and a partnership was born.

Our first collaboration took place May 1st and 2nd in Louisville, Kentucky. Over two days, 30 college baseball players from the Georgetown College Baseball Program participated in a performance study while the Center’s biomechanical measurement systems assess the body’s movement, rotation, force, power, and quickness. Data from the two-day study will determine the difference between Day 1 vs. Day 2 performance, and the athletes using GO Sleeves for training and recovery compared to those not using GO Sleeves.

GO Sleeves and Georgetown Baseball

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what the study reveals for baseball, and how it translates into other sports. We’ll report back, and let you know! 

A huge thank you to the Georgetown College Baseball Program for participating in the study, as well as a thank you to Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center for their passion and determination to keep athletes competing at their peak while avoiding injury.

GO Sleeves and Georgetown Baseball

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