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Top 5 Things Missing From Your Compression Sleeves

Top 5 Things Missing From Your Compression Sleeves

Josiah Middaugh Josiah Middaugh
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Compression sleeves are one of the most common ways active people support joints and manage pain. But what are traditional compression sleeves missing? Today we're diving into the top 5 things missing from your compression sleeves.

#1 - They slip
Imagine being 40 minutes into a 1-hour run. The pavement is scorching. It’s 90 degrees and humid. You’re just hitting your runner’s high and suddenly your knee sleeve or knee brace starts sliding down your sweat-covered leg. No matter how many times you pause to pull it back up, 30 yards later, it’s sliding off your knee… again. The proprietary 4-way weave of GO Sleeves combined with the silicone kinesiology strips ensures that your GO Sleeves will stay put and continue to perform as long as you can.

#2 - They bunch

If your compression sleeves are too long, the extra material will create folds and cause pinching. Ouch! And even if they fit right, many compression sleeves will bunch up due to the slipping issue mentioned in #1. To minimize bunching, always measure yourself and use our simple sizing guide before buying sleeves. Check reviews to see if others are saying the product fits true to size. Did you know GO Sleeves offers free size exchanges?


#3 - They strangle

To achieve proper support, a traditional compression sleeve has to be tight. In fact, much tighter than would be considered comfortable. Some use velcro straps, and others use strong elastic. If a sleeve is too tight, it cut off circulation and can actually do more harm than good by making it hard to move and limiting blood flow. GO Sleeves are recommended for a snug but not tight fit due to the built-in kinesiology strips that promote adhesion to the skin which alleviates slipping, bunching, and strangling.

#4 - They overheat

So let’s say you’ve figured out a way to get your sweaty sleeves to stay in place. Now you’re faced with the problem of materials that are commonly involved in compression sleeves. They can be thick and non-breathable neoprene, which is often used to maximize support, but is not good for dissipating heat. GO Sleeves are made from a breathable 4-way weave for comfort and reliable compression. 


#5 - They don’t have kinesiology technology

Compression sleeves work by squeezing blood veins to increase blood pressure and speed up circulation. Kinesiology tape works by lifting skin tissue to alleviate pressure on pain receptors and increasing blood flow. GO Sleeves incorporate the best of both technologies – plus they’re reusable and quick to apply. GO Sleeves built-in kinesiology strips make them cheaper, faster, and simpler than kinesiology tape products.You don’t need to be an expert in kinesiology taping and GO Sleeves are reusable and durable. GO Sleeves are the first sleeves to maximize performance and minimize fatigue during activity and recovery. That’s right, you’ll also want to experience what these sleeves can do for your joints after you shower up.

GO Sleeves offer the first and only compression sleeve products with built-in kinesiology taping technology that supports key joints, ligaments, and tendons. Every sleeve contains silicone strips that trigger natural pain reduction, increase recuperating blood flow, and aid in lymphatic drainage. They are super-lightweight, breathable, washable, and reusable. GO Sleeves currently offer knee sleeves, calf sleeves, and elbow sleeves.

Josiah Middaugh is the Head of Performance Science at GO Sleeves. Middaugh has a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, 20 years of experience working with athletes of all kinds, and a long list of multi-sport racing accomplishments. 

Middaugh’s professional racing accomplishments:

2015 XTERRA World Champion

15-Time XTERRA USA National Champion

6-Time USSSA National Snowshoe Champion 

4-Time Fat Bike World Champion

10-Time GoPro Mountain Games, Ultimate Mountain Challenge Champion

2-Time USAT Winter Triathlon National Champion

Middaugh’s favorite ways to use of GO Sleeves are to accelerate recovery and to mitigate calf muscle and Achilles tendon tightness. Learn more about Josiah’s coaching practice for endurance athletes at

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