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GO Kinesiology + Compression Calf Sleeves Green GO Kinesiology + Compression Calf Sleeves Green
GO Kinesiology + Compression Calf Sleeves GO Kinesiology + Compression Calf Sleeves
runner calf compression sleeves runner calf compression sleeves
GO Kinesiology + Compression Calf Sleeves Green GO Kinesiology + Compression Calf Sleeves runner calf compression sleeves

GO Kinesiology + Compression Calf Sleeves

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Just pull them on, and off you go! GO Sleeves® Calf Sleeves are the world’s only compression sleeves with built-in kinesiology strips to secure, correct, and support key ligaments, tendons, and muscles in and around your calf and shin.

Unlike compression sleeves which just compress, GO Sleeves opens the space under the skin to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage, accelerating your body’s natural ability to heal and recover before, during, and after activityGO Sleeves are reusable, washable, and latex-free. For extreme and everyday athletes alike.

  • 2 Kinesiology Compression Calf Sleeves (R + L sleeve)
  • Targeted support for Achilles, Calf, Shin Splints
  • Triggers body’s ability to combat pain, tightness, inflammation & fatigue
  • Non-slip, superior stability without range restriction
  • Breathable 4-way weave for all-day comfort
  • 45-day Trial, Money-back Guarantee
  • Eligible for HSA and FSA Spending or Reimbursement
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Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

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How It Works
Applied Science for Every Body

GO Sleeves apply the same techniques prescribed by doctors, chiropractors, and PTs to help your body do what it was designed to do: heal and recover. Built-in silicone strips gently lift and stretch the skin around your knee’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons to encourage recuperating blood flow and lymphatic drainage—improving circulation and reducing inflammation.


In a survey, GO Sleeves customers reported 60% less pain, inflammation, tightness, and usage of pain medications after using GO Sleeves.


Before Activity
Prevent Injury and Pain

Reduce any susceptibility for injury and prep for your best possible workout. Wearing GO Sleeves before activity keeps your muscles, joints, and tendons warm and ready to perform, whether you’re hitting the gym, the gridiron, or even the garden.


During Activity
Stay Active Longer & Compete Harder 

GO Sleeves give you optimal and targeted support where you need it most while facilitating full range of motion. Because GO Sleeves help improve blood flow and reduce lactic acid build-up, you can experience more peak performance and less pain so you can stay focused on the game.


After Activity
Recover Faster & Stronger

Keep GO Sleeves on post-workout or wear them for an hour or two throughout the day. GO Sleeves activate your body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation, tightness, and fatigue, which translates to less pain and soreness post-workout.

Worn and Recommended by Pros, Coaches & Athletic Trainers

Gary Mano

Former Associate Volleyball Coach at Stanford University and San Jose State University

Scott Simmons

Coach of Team USA and Olympian Distance Runners

Hillary Allen

Hillary Allen is an American professional ultrarunner and endurance athlete, author, inspirational speaker, coach, teacher and student of life.

Karmont Mak

Stanford University Athletic Trainer Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Cross Country

Joseph Gray

6x Mountain Running World Champion, Team USA

Nancy Hobbs

Founder of American Trail Running Association, Chairperson for USA Track & Field's Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running Council

Dr. David Noel

Chiropractic, Occupational and Sports Medicine

Che R.

Avid Runner

Zachary Friedley

Adaptive "Trail Blader" Runner

Josiah Middaugh

Fifteen-time XTERRA USA National Champion Off-road Triathlete

Deanna McCurdy

USAT & USAC Coach, XTERRA off-road triathlon World Champion

Ben Garland

Former American football center for the Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Byron Williams

Former NFL wide receiver. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers, and also played for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, and Detroit Lions,


GO With Confidence

Your Perfect Fit

Follow our instructions to measure, and use our sizing chart for your ideal fit.

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Calf Sleeve
Elbow Sleeve

45-Day Risk-Free Trial

If you don't experience incredible results with GO Sleeves, simply request a refund.

Free Size Exchanges

Our sizing chart guarantees a perfect fit. Or request a free exchange within 45 days.

Reuse, Rewash

For long-lasting sleeves, use cold water and air dry—just do not use a dryer.

For Anytime Support

Enjoy unique benefits before, during and after activity—even as you sleep! Read more.

Replace kinesiology tape

GO Sleeves are easier to apply, less expensive, reusable and stay in place.


Your trust means everything to us. We won’t break your trust. We won’t let you down. Although we believe GO Sleeves are appropriate for everyone, if you don’t agree we will refund your purchase.

45 Days to Try, Risk Free
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