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Former NFL Players Byron Williams and Scooter McGruder Join GO Sleeves To Promote Kinesiology Sleeves

Former NFL Players Byron Williams and Scooter McGruder Join GO Sleeves To Promote Kinesiology Sleeves

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Why We Joined GO Sleeves - A message from former NFL Players Byron Williams and Scooter McGruder

Like most former NFL players, Scooter and I trained and played through just about any injury during our football careers. Football was our life and our passion. We didn’t think about how it was taking a negative toll on our bodies. Living our active post NFL lives in the gym and on the golf course, our bodies didn’t always want to support our active ambitions. Some days our knees and lower leg aches and pains sabotaged our plans. That is where GO Sleeves came in.

In the fall of 2022, we met the co-founders of GO Sleeves, heard their story and tried the products. Without exaggeration, we can say that GO Sleeves changed our lives! We’re now GO Sleeves advisors, investors, and professional sports consultants.  We are passionate about sharing the products with our professional sports friends and the next generation of athletes who will love the faster recovery time, flexibility in using the product and built-in kinesiology taping technology.

Here’s Why GO Sleeves are Unique

You likely had trainers or physical therapists tape you up with KT Tape or RockTape to deal with an injury. But let’s be real: The tape isn’t comfortable, doesn’t stay on and is almost impossible to properly apply yourself. GO Sleeves are kinesiology sleeves that you just pull on and go!  Same benefits as kinesiology tape, but way more practical, convenient, and powerful since they combine kinesiology with compression into one easy-to-use product.

For Scooter and I, the pain, tightness, and inflammation we had in our knee is gone for the first time in years!  We wear GO Sleeves not only when we work out but also after any physical activity and here’s why: GO Sleeves trigger your body’s natural ability to fight pain, inflammation, tightness and fatigue. That means your body will be ready to perform the next day faster—and even better—with reduced susceptibility for injury.

Why We Joined GO Sleeves - From Former NFL Players Byron Williams and Scooter McGruder Join GO Sleeves To Promote Kinesiology Sleeves

In a survey, GO Sleeves customers reported 60% less pain, inflammation, tightness, and usage of pain medications after using GO Sleeves. That has been our experience as well.

Join Us on Our GO Sleeves Journey

Listen, this company has an amazing future and if you can’t already tell, we’re excited to be part of it. We’re 1000% behind the GO Sleeves mission: To Keep Every Body in Motion.

Since GO Sleeves trigger our body's ability to heal naturally, that means less medications and more movement for everyone. Consider these staggering stats:

  • 1 in 3 Americans have knee pain
  • 100 million Americans have chronic knee pain
  • 1 in 3 Americans over 18 have arthritis
  • 56% of people physically active will become injured
  • 33% of Americans use pain medication daily

That's why the GO Sleeves team is building a movement supporting people committed to an active lifestyle without injuries, downtime, or long-term implications of inactivity. You Were Born to GO.

In Good Health,

Scooter and Byron

P.S. To get fired up with some of the community stories, check out this 1-minute You Were Born to GO teaser video.

Scooter McGruder Background

Why We Joined GO Sleeves - From Former NFL Players Byron Williams and Scooter McGruder Join GO Sleeves To Promote Kinesiology Sleeves

Scooter McGruder is a former NFL cornerback. Over his 12-year career, he’s played in championship games for the Miami Dolphins, the San Francisco 49ers and in Super Bowl XXXI with the New England Patriots.

During Scooter’s tenure in San Francisco, he became the team captain and led the team in interceptions. He also tied for 3rd in the NFC for most interceptions and was selected as an alternate for the NFL Pro Bowl before his retirement in 1998.

He was voted as one of the best names in the NFL, received a True Value Award in 1995 and a Generation Excellence Award in 1997 which was given by the United Way because of his impact on the lives of others. He also received an NFL Extra Effort Award and was a finalist for the Bart Starr Award in 1997— an award that is voted by NFL players for leading a life that models a high moral character. 

Scooter started Platinum Charities, a 501(c) (3) dedicated to empowering families and motivating at-risk youth from underserved communities.  He remains committed to initiating life changing opportunities that will lift many youth and families out of poverty. To learn more visit All proceeds from Scooter's investments and activities with GO Sleeves will do directly to Platinum Charities.

Byron Williams Background

Why We Joined GO Sleeves - From Former NFL Players Byron Williams and Scooter McGruder Join GO Sleeves To Promote Kinesiology Sleeves

Byron Williams is a former NFL wide receiver. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 1983 NFL Draft. Williams has also been a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions, as well as several American Football and Canadian Football Teams.

Byron’s love and dedication to football led to his post NFL passion hosting and directing youth football camps, including camps for prison kids. He’s the founder and owner of Football Minicamps and BW Sport, LLC, a community organization committed to helping youth perform to the best of their abilities through premier football mini-camps. He is a youth sports ambassador for United Youth Football and founded the Best Wishes Foundation, a charitable organization focused on raising sports-related healthcare awareness and advocating for a safe environment for youth to play sports. Williams and his team go into local schools where they host motivational speakers to speak to underprivileged youth. To learn more, visit and All proceeds from Byron's investments and activities with GO Sleeves will go directly to Best Wished Foundation and Texas NFL Flag Football.

Byron has been an active member of the NFLPA Dallas Chapter. He was the acting President from 2010-2014 and was recently re-elected as the current President for another two year term.  He has also been an active NFLPA Board Member from 2014 - 2022. Byron was elected as a NFL wide Executive Committee member with NFL Team representatives in December 2022. 

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