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Semi-Pro Volleyball Player and Volleyball Coach, Donny Hui, Joins GO Sleeves

Semi-Pro Volleyball Player and Volleyball Coach, Donny Hui, Joins GO Sleeves

Kate Reilley Kate Reilley
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Recover Faster & Play Longer with Semi-Pro Volleyball Play and Coach Donny Hui

We are excited to announce yet another athlete who has joined our GO Sleeves Advisory Board! One year ago, we crossed paths with Volleyball Coach Donny Hui and an amazing relationship and partnership emerged. Coach Donny has agreed to take a role as an advisor and consultant to help injury prevention in the game of Volleyball with the help of GO Sleeves knee and calf sleeves. Donny is a volleyball coach, as well as a Semi-Pro volleyball player and a Personal Trainer, and has worked with athletes from ages 6 to 70 years old, from every skill level ranging from beginners to Division 1 Collegiate level players. In the volleyball community, Coach Donny is known for his jump training, which you can find on his YouTube Channel as well as his Elevate Yourself website, having improved his own vertical from 24 to 40 inches through lifting and jump training. You can also find Coach Donny's review of his GO Sleeves Knee Sleeves on his youtube channel. Here is why Coach Donny believes that GO Sleeves can change your game…

I’m a firm believer in training as “gearlessly” as possible. That’s why I don’t wear ankle braces, knee braces, training belts, etc., even when I lift weights. Of course, gear and training aids do have their place. They may have been explicitly prescribed by medical practitioners or maybe they are helping aid recovery from injury or perhaps they provide support with structural instability. However, from what I’ve seen, the majority of athletes overuse braces and sleeves, which then creates an unhealthy dependence on them that inevitably leads to compensatory patterns, muscular imbalances, limited mobility, and ironically, greater injury down the road.

Semi Pro Volleyball Player and Coach Donny Hui Joins GO Sleeves to Recover Faster and Play Longer

My gearless belief is based on research, personal experience, and the results I get from my athletes: In order to minimize injuries and maximize performance, train your body to be its own brace and support system. This is especially critical as we age. I am a 38-year-old athlete, and I still have an intense desire to compete at the highest level I can. I love pushing the body’s limits, and testing the idea of age when it comes to performance and health. I get especially excited when I work with athletes in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s who still want to perform at a high level. My oldest client is 76!

So, maybe you’re asking: If I have a gearless philosophy, why do I wear GO Sleeves products and recommend them to my clients and athletes? Here’s why:

  1. They’re not support braces. The first time I wore GO Sleeves Knee Sleeves and Calf Sleeves, I could immediately tell they were very different from other sleeves I’ve tried, which were mostly support-type braces or compression sleeves. I was never a fan of either because the support braces restrict necessary range of motion for sport (especially the end ranges), and compression sleeves can sometimes displace blood flow in unwanted places. The most annoying aspect of braces and sleeves is that they often slip down and scrunch up. This requires constant readjusting every 5-10 minutes, which distracts me from doing what matters most in the moment: playing and training.
  2. They encourage movement. Any training aid should encourage natural body movement, not create dependency on them. This is one aspect that sets GO Sleeves apart from other athletic sleeve companies. Their goal is to help athletes move in the most optimally natural way, recover faster for the next session, and still compete as you age. GO Sleeves products provide the benefits of light support, full range of motion, optimal amount of compression, improved blood flow similar to Kinesio tape, and best of all, stay in place longer so you can focus on playing. 
  3. They help me warm up faster, recover faster, and play longer. I prefer to train without GO Sleeves because I want to have a sense of what my baseline recovery is. However, I love playing volleyball with GO Sleeves, especially at tournaments, because I can stay warmer throughout the day between games, and my muscles, joints, and tendons just feel better the next day. As I age, it takes longer for my body to warm up and recover from activity. When I wear the GO Sleeves Knee and Calf Sleeves, my tendons warm up faster, and I feel fresher after tournaments thanks to the sleeves’ technology to increase blood and lymphatic flow to speed up recovery and minimize pain. This means more training and playing opportunities! Any competitive athlete would love to recover faster and player longer. Best of all, the sleeves feel like they are a part of my body and allow me to move naturally as I play, which is why I love GO Sleeves as a Volleyball Coach, Athletic Performance Trainer, and Competitive Athlete.

Semi Pro Volleyball Player and Coach Donny Hui Joins GO Sleeves to Recover Faster and Play Longer

You can check out Coach Donny’s training opportunities oh his Elevate Yourself website. Also find Coach Donny on his YouTube channel, where he has shared over 1.8k videos on volleyball techniques, form, and strategy with his 600k followers. Coach Donny shares more about his volleyball training with the help of GO Sleeves, including his video on common mistakes with approach jump techniques well as teaching a volleyball 3 step approach technique.

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