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Revolutionizing Athletic Training: The GO Sleeves & Chad Miller Study

Revolutionizing Athletic Training: The GO Sleeves & Chad Miller Study

Darren Lancaster Darren Lancaster
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Bringing the First and Only Kinesiology Sleeves to Baseball and Softball: Part 2

In an exciting collaboration with Chad Miller, "The Baseball Science Guy," GO Sleeves embarked on a mission to scientifically prove how our sleeves can transform athletic training and recovery. Through working with Chad, exercise scientists utilize state-of-the-art technology to analyze a wide range of data points from a player's swing and reaction time and then design custom training programs to help them become better hitters. Chad’s pursuit is to uncover and discover which training and recovery technologies (or processes) help athletes deal with the daily rigors of their sport, including the inevitable inflammation, tightness, and fatigue they experience as a result of their activity.

Over two days, 30 collegiate baseball players from Georgetown College Baseball Program put our technology to the test in a performance study with biomechanical measurement systems assessing the body’s movement, rotation, force, power, and quickness. Data from the two-day study determined the difference between Day 1 vs. Day 2 performance, and the athletes using GO Sleeves for training and recovery compared to those not using GO Sleeves. The results?

Here's what the consumer based study revealed:

  • Athletes wearing GO Sleeves increased their peak force in countermovement jumps by 0.5% from Day 1 to Day 2, compared to a decrease in the no-sleeves group.
  • A 0.5% improvement in sprint speeds for the GO Sleeves group, while those without experienced a decline.
  • A remarkable 28% lower pain scores reported by GO Sleeves users, making recovery not just a dream, but a reality.

GO Sleeves and Georgetown Baseball

The difference is clear. While traditional training might lead to performance plateaus or declines, GO Sleeves are scientifically proven to propel you forward, ensuring that every session builds upon the last by helping with the following:

  • Performance enhancement: With GO Sleeves, athletes saw improved peak force in jumps and faster sprint times, showcasing the sleeves' impact on performance.
  • Pain reduction: Athletes wearing GO Sleeves reported significantly lower pain levels, highlighting the product's effectiveness in recovery.
  • Continuous improvement: Unlike the no-sleeves group, athletes using GO Sleeves showed positive adaptation, underscoring the benefits of our science-backed approach to training and recovery.

This comparison study is an initial validation of the efficacy of GO Sleeves for athletes involved in virtually any sport or activity. Stay tuned for additional studies and research based on collaborations with the numerous elite partners to GO Sleeves.

What Does This Mean for You?

It means that whether you're aiming to beat your personal best, recover more efficiently, or simply enjoy your active lifestyle with less discomfort, GO Sleeves should be your new go-to.

I met Chad Miller in Phoenix during the Super Bowl and discovered we share a similar passion: helping athletes perform at their peak. Chad has created a proprietary diagnostic and analytic Swing Lab for baseball and fastpitch softball players. But don’t let its baseball-specific name fool you: the technology applies to nearly any sport or athlete.

Read Part 1 of the StudyHow GO Sleeves and "The Hitting Science Guy" Chad Miller put our GO Sleeves to the test with the Georgetown College Baseball Program. 

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