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Niko Price added to GO Sleeves Athlete Roster

Niko Price added to GO Sleeves Athlete Roster

Roy Carrillo Roy Carrillo
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Niko Price, a 12-fight UFC veteran, with a 15-5 MMA record, has been competing with only 1 of 4 ligaments in one knee since 2018. First, he tore an ACL on UFC’s Fight night 133 against UFC veteran Randy Brown. Niko would go on to beat Randy with vicious hammer fists in the second round, earning a Performance of the Night bonus. Despite the injury, Niko competed in 8 more fights, causing him to lose his LCL and MCL. Now, Niko Price added to GO Sleeves Athlete Roster.

“The level of competition I’m facing now, we’re going up, man. Everybody they throw at me, they’re savages. They’re technical, they’re physical, mental – they’re all beasts in every aspect. I just had to take a step back, let my body become full again so that I can become the real Niko.”

Niko had knee surgery in December of 2021, marking the beginning of his road to recovery and getting back into the octagon. He is hoping to make an official comeback to the ring later this year. His official comeback to the ring is on December 3rd in Orlando, Florida.

After undergoing surgery, Niko searched for a reliable knee sleeve company that could speed his recovery. After testing GO Sleeves Kinesiology + Compression Knee Sleeves and meeting with the founding team, Niko was committed to the product and the company. GO Sleeves knee sleeves, Calf sleeves, and K Recovery Cream have been an essential factor to helping him get through physical therapy and getting back to training at a high level. (Get more details about how GO Sleeves work here). Now, no matter where Niko goes to train, you can always find a pair of GO Sleeves Knee Sleeves, Calf Sleeves, K Recovery Cream, and Elbow Sleeves with him.

“The elbow sleeves are my favorite, they’ve really helped with the pain I get when doing mitt work. The K Recovery Cream is amazing for my elbow too. And the knee sleeves are unreal – I’ve gone 12 hard rounds in the gym with little to no adjustments needed. I also use the calf sleeves when I go on runs and for recovery. I’ve been knocking people out and everything with half power, now, I have full power, I have full everything. I’m excited to see what I can do.”

Niko Price Quick Stats:

  • Born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida.
  • Started training in 2008
  • Welterweight ranked 23rd
  • UFC Debut at UFC 207, December 30th 2016
  • Most recently faced Alex Olivera at UFC Fight Night 192, October 2nd 2021
  • Has a professional record of 15 wins and 5 loses, 13 wins coming from TKO/KO and 2 submissions
  • Finish rate of 86%

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