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GO Sleeves Athletes Embark On The 2022 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships

GO Sleeves Athletes Embark On The 2022 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships

Rachel Paul Rachel Paul
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Things are heating up as one of our GO Sleeves partners and two of our GO Sleeves Athletes embark on the 2022 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships being held in Chiang Mai, Thailand November 4th through 6th, 2022. We recently checked in on Joe Gray, Allie Mac, and Morgan Elliott to see how they’re feeling and learn more about how they prepare to compete, their responses are below.

Before diving into the interview, here’s a rundown on who these incredible athletes are and how they got to where they are today.

Joe Gray

Hailing from beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, Joe Gray is a nine-time world champion and the first Black American to not only make the Team USA World Mountain Running Team, but also the first Black American to win the USA National Mountain Running Championships and the World Mountain Running Championships. Additionally, Gray is the first athlete to win the North American, Central American, and Caribbean Championships in Cross Country and Mountain Running.

Competing in the uphill championships, as well as competing and defending the classic up and down championship at this year’s event, we are excited to cheer Joe Gray on and watch what we’re sure will be an incredible performance.

Allie Mac

A fellow Colorado Springs, CO local, Allie Mac is a powerhouse trail runner, filmmaker, and overall badass (lest we forget to mention that she also casually skydives in her limited free time). Allie’s running career took off in high school when she became a state champion runner. She later took home 5th place at the NCAA cross-country running championships while attending the University of Colorado Boulder. By this time her career was only just getting started. Allie went on to become the 2014 World Long Distance Mountain Running Champion on Pikes Peak and placed 5th at the 2017 World Mountain Running Championships.

More recently, Allie placed second this past June on the Vertical K at Broken Arrow Skyrace, took home second place in the 26K, 1st place at the Snowbird, Utah, Cirque Series event this past August, 6th place on the 55-kilometer OCC at UTMB in Chamonix, France, 2nd at Cirque Series A-basin, and most recently came in first during stage 1 of 5 at the Golden Trail World Series Final which is currently underway in Madeira, Portugal.

Allie will be competing in the Uphill Championship at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championship this year.

Morgan Elliot

Recently added to our GO Sleeves partner roster, we are stoked to follow along on Morgan’s journey at the championships this year! Reigning from Salida, CO, Morgan Elliot is a two-time US skyrunning champion and just this past summer took home 3rd place in the VK and 6th place on the 26K at Broken Arrow Skyrace.

Morgan will be competing in the Classic Up and Down Championship this year.

World Mountain and Trail Running Championship Interview

Here is what these three had to say about the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships this year:

Joe, you've participated in so many World Championships, is your preparation for this one the same as in the past? If not, what is different?

JOE: Similar preparation to a few different years in the past but the biggest difference being my volume has been higher along with more consistent focus on mileage.

Are you training/preparing any differently for the World Championship in comparison to other events?
ALLIE: I’m pretty much keeping my same training plan as I have the whole season except for the fact I tapered take weeks before and will be racing Golden trail series the week before as well

MORGAN: It being the last race of the season, I am mending my body together. With the Championship race being so late in the season, November 6th, it makes for a very long racing season, which is hard on the body. GO Sleeves have come in hand, especially before our time in Thailand, while at the Golden Trail World Series 5-Day Stage Race Finale in Madeira, Portugal. I’ve had a larger emphasis on the little things that really add up like hydration, sleep, foam rolling, eating, and self-care.

How do you currently feel about your preparation and level of confidence?
JOE: I'm always going to believe in myself and the added opportunity to represent my country bodes well for my confidence heading into this year's Championships.

ALLIE: I will be racing the VK and the classic mountain. As much as I love the VK I think I’m slightly more confident in my downhill right now which I will get in the classic race.

MORGAN: Faced a bad fall that sidelined me for 4+ weeks after my race in the end of September so I am currently hanging on. I wish I could’ve trained consistently through October, but unfortunately that’s the hand I was dealt. Trying to make the best of the fitness I do have and am not sitting at my best.

As you prepare for Thailand, how have GO Sleeves been helping you in your training and recovery? How about the K Recovery Cream?

JOE: This training cycle I've used the Go Sleeves Calf Sleeves after pretty much every hard workout to speed up recovery so I've felt pretty solid everyday surprisingly. I also use the K cream during massages and for most runs during the week to help with muscle recovery and I've been impressed with how quickly I've been able to bounce back from long days. ALLIE: Go sleeves have been huge for me in my travel and the K cream even more so as I’ve had some calf, Achilles, and plantar flare up but massaging with the K cream has nearly eliminated all issues!!

MORGAN: My GO Sleeves have been supporting my knee from a bad fall in a previous race during the end of September. Through my many flights during traveling, GO Sleeves have been in my pack and at my aid 100% of the time. GO Sleeves gives me the added support and confidence in recovery during the final build and preparation of my training.

Have you been to Thailand before? What are you most looking forward to?
JOE: Never been before. Most interested in Thai cuisine and also the unique mountains covered with lush green terrain!

ALLIE:  I have not been to Thailand before and I am most looking forward to the animals, temples, and jungle like vegetation. I’m also stoked to wear and represent the USA with my teammates.

MORGAN: I’ve never been to Thailand before or Asia in general. I’m looking forward to seeing a new culture and spending time with my teammates and girlfriend.

Course Info
Interested in learning more about the courses these athletes are running at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championship? Below are some details on what Joe, Allie, and Morgan are about to take on!

Classic Uphill Championships
Joe Gray and Allie Mac are competing in this race, which is 8.5km long, with 1000 meters of ascent.

Date: Friday, November 4th, 2022
Start Time: 09:15am.-10:00am. (GMT+7)
Start: Chiang Mai International Exhibition & Convention Center (CMECC)

Finish: Ban Khun Chang Khian Village

Classic Up and Down Championships
Joe Gray, Allie Mac, and Morgan Elliot are competing in this race, which is 11.2 km long up/down mountain race with 475 meters of climbing.

Date: Sunday, November 6th, 2022
Start Time: 09:45am.-11:00am. (GMT+7)
Start: Chiang Mai International Exhibition & Convention Center (CMECC)
Finish: Chiang Mai International Exhibition & Convention Center (CMECC)

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